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Please complete our New Client Intake Form to give us the best insight on what services will best benefit your business. We know it's loooong...HOWEVER, this interview will give us, Nerds and Geeks, the most information about your business needs, allow you to stay within your budget, and allow us to better serve your business.

We ask 53 questions that require an answer and takes roughly 10-15 minutes to complete. If you don't have all the answers to our questions, it's okay. Just answer what you can. If you don't know, just say "I don't know", or "I haven't considered this yet", or even a simple "N/A" will do in some cases. It's quite alright. Please include as much of your business details as possible. This not only gives us pinpoint insight on where your business is currently and exactly where and how to proceed, but also allows us to give you an accurate quote ($) and get started working on your project as quickly as possible. We base all projects in the interest of time.

If you would rather download and fill out the form by hand, you can do so here.


Attach any of the following items you have (uploading is optional)
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• Staff profiles with pictures

• Logo images  

• Pictures of your business/company

• Links to any articles you have written or been featured in

• Audio/Video of you and/or company advertisements

If you have more than 5 files, feel free to zip, rar, or tar.gz and then upload. Please compress any file extensions you wish to upload, but are not listed above before uploading as they are not allowed for security purposes.

*Note: Compressed files containing executable files such as .sh and .exe are automatically quarantined and cannot be opened, please do not include.

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