Gaining Insight By Observing Social Media Platforms

Written by Nourah Mumeen.

Most marketers who use social media are mainly interested in cranking out as much content as possible and getting ‘eyeballs’ for it. Smart marketers know that social networking is not a one-way lecture, but a means of building relationships with your target audience.  It is not about eyeballs, but engagement, with website visitors and followers on social media taking the actions you wish them to take. 

As part of driving engagement, it can also be about using what you learn while monitoring the social networks to underpin all your marketing and product creation decisions. 

What Is Included in Your Secondary Research?

Written by Nourah Mumeen.

Secondary research is data gathered by other people about your topic of interest. Conducting secondary research is an important start to gathering marketing research. The trick is that you need to find reputable sources for the information, understand whether or not they have an agenda outside of spreading the truth, and then confirm that information with your own primary research.

Finding Sources

Before you even get started, you need to know where to get the information from. You want to identify valid sources of information that will work for your needs. Places that are government, educational, and industry outlets work well. Be careful about sources with a particular agenda because they may twist the information to match their own needs. 

How to Gather Your Primary Research Data

Written by Nourah Mumeen.

If you want to succeed as a small business, you need to understand the importance of conducting market research and gathering primary source data. The difference between primary and secondary research is that you get primary information directly from your audience, and you get secondary information from other people who have surveyed an audience or conducted some type of research.

What Is Primary Data?

This is data that you’ve collected on your own without relying on someone else to collect it. You basically go directly to the source for the information. Collect it and gather it on your own. In this way you can organize the data in the best way for your business.

Common Mistakes Made When Conducting Market Research

Written by Nourah Mumeen.

When you decide to start or improve your business, the best place to begin is doing market research. Market research is so important to your success. You need to do it before starting and continuously throughout the lifetime of your business. But, don’t make these mistakes.

Using the Wrong Research – You have to step outside your expectations when you conduct market research. Don’t only study information that matches your assumptions, because you could be wrong. Even if you service or sell products to people you think are just like you and you’re in your own target market, your experiences are subjective and not indicative of the experiences of others. 

What Not To Do With Your Leads

Written by Nourah Mumeen.

Anyone that works in sales knows just how important it is to have lead sources to keep your pipeline filled. But it is not only how we obtain the leads that is important, it’s what we do with them once we get them.

One of the most critical mistakes a sales person can make once they receive a lead, is not acting on it immediately.

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