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Full Funnel Bundle

Full Funnel Bundle

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The Full Funnel Bundle is perfect for brands seeking a high-powered digital marketing and advertising campaigns with consolidated activities across the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel (BoFu) In addition to running growth hacking campaigns for immediate KPI growth.

Perfect for established enterprises in need of an omnichannel campaign from search and social marketing; paid ads; campaign development; creative, content and email marketing; analytics; community development; and more.

The full funnel bundle includes 175 digital marketing service focuses per month, month-to-month consolidated marketing plan and campaign performance index,  a dedicated account team, and an online campaign management portal.

With the Full Funnel Bundle, we also offer complimentary add-on features, including media monitoring alerts, heat map & video UI / UX tracking on your website, online reputation monitoring, advanced analytics & analysis and vanity call tracking system. 

  • 175 marketing campaign focuses per month
  • Month to month marketing scenarios plan
  • Various marketing tactics per month
  • Weekly review sessions
  • Weekly activity + KPI reports
  • Google analytics dashboard setup
  • Media monitoring
  • Heat map and video tracking
  • Call tracking system
  • Advanced analytics & analysis
  • Marketing tools and analytics
  • Monthly Google analytics report
  • Quarterly performance presentation
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Dedicated marketing and strategy team

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