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After an optimized strategy is in place, execution begins. And while traditional marketing content may highlight features of a product or service itself, consumers are looking for more of an intimate connection. It’s about the story, generating a personal experience and creating an emotional experience between you and your client. Storytelling allows the message to be portrayed in such a way that it is intertwined into the lifestyle of the target audience. At Mumeen Media Group, it’s our passion to generate creative content that relays a powerful message, and connects with the consumers and businesses on an emotional level.


Infographics are a visual method of displaying facts, statistics, and useful information that generates interest on various platforms. At Mumeen Media Group, we have a skilled team of Creative Designers that can take your information and transform it into a visual graphic that relates to your target audience. We specialize in connecting on an emotional level through visuals, and increase engagement from your core through dynamic designs.

Data Analytics ♦ Creative Design ♦ Visual Storytelling ♦ Static Infographic Design ♦ Interactive Infographic Design ♦ 3D Infographic Design



If photography captures a moment, Video captures everything around that moment in motion. With the increasing use of videos to create progressive visuals on websites, advertisements, and social media, it’s no wonder this service is in high demand, and why we at Mumeen Media Group strive to create the most dynamic motion pictures to capture your audience. We immerse ourselves with your industry to determine the direction, concept, and storyline of your videos, producing an outcome that is engaging and creates an emotional connection directly with your target market.

Business ♦ Community ♦ Product ♦ Editing ♦ Animation ♦ Flash Development ♦ Advertising ♦ Tracking and ROI Management



Capturing a single moment, place, or thing. A photo can speak a thousand words, and it’s important is that those words are portraying the intended message in a comprehensive, magnificent way. Content including photography and visuals create a much higher engagement rate with users, and dynamic images increase that all the more. From your website content to your Social Media posts, we can help you create engaging photos of your product, services, or events, and also offer services to edit and enhance to create a moment that’s picture perfect.

Branded Photography ♦ Corporate Photography ♦ Product Photography ♦ Campaign Photography ♦ Architectural Photography ♦ Retouching ♦ Restoration ♦ Image Manipulation



Our words, your voice. We completely immerse ourselves into the industry of your business, to produce copy that’s both compelling and in line with your Brand Identity. And don’t sweat if you haven’t gotten that voice quite figured out yet. We do the Research behind our writing, delving into the market and competitive fields offering you services starting at Voice Conceptualization, all the way to filling your website with valuable and consistent content. Our Research Analysts, SEO teams, and Creative Content Writers work together as a team to inform, connect, direct, and tell your story.

Creative Writing and Storytelling ♦ SEO Optimized Content ♦ Product Descriptions ♦ Web and Social Content ♦ Branding Content ♦ Email Marketing Content ♦ PR, Article and Blog Copywriting ♦ Editing and Proofing



Brand Identity is who you are as a business or organization, and that statement needs to be strong and clear, resonating throughout all aspects of your business decisions. Whether you’re launching a new brand, or in need of a fresh update, we create a defined awareness between you and your consumer, for a lasting impression. Mumeen Media Group has launched brands from birth including Logo Design, Voice Development, Copywriting, and more. As a 360˚ marketing agency, our specialty is providing you with the full spectrum of services you’ll require to create or refresh an impressive brand Identity package.

Corporate Naming ♦ Product and Service Naming ♦ Brand Tagline ♦ Logo Design ♦ Package Design ♦ Corporate Identity ♦ Typography and Design Elements ♦ Brand Guidelines



Have a need for Print Design? Our Print Design Services include a full spectrum of media. If you’ve seen it in print, we can do it – including traditional advertising, customized illustrations, catalogs, lookbooks, package design and corporate identity. Our portfolio even includes large-scale and untraditional mediums including tradeshow display and vehicle wraps. Print media may be your only representation left with a potential client, make sure it counts. And with our global experience in a variety of markets, we’ll be able to help you decide what the best media options are to meet your goals.

Graphic Design ♦ Editorial Design ♦ Presentation Design ♦ Stationary Design ♦ Business Card Design ♦ Brochure Design ♦ Packaging and Lookbook Design ♦ Custom Illustration



Looking for Digital Design solutions? We have experience in all forms of digital media delivery. We offer services including Email Marketing, original Application Development, Web Development, Ad Campaigns, and more. Our Technology Specialists and Creative Designers are fully equipped to expanding your digital footprint and advertising campaigns with dynamic media design. And with our full circle marketing solutions, we also offer analytics and real results for your campaigns, so the most effective methods can be leveraged to bring you the best results for your investment. Don’t see a service you’re looking for? Send us a message. Chances are, we do that too.

Web Design ♦ User Experience ♦ Brand Development ♦ Editorial and Presentation Design ♦ Kiosk & Touchscreen Interface Design ♦ Illustration Design ♦ 3D Visualization ♦ Adobe Flash Development



User Interface (UI) refers to the elements on your site, application, or advertisement that make the presentation visually appealing and dynamic. At Mumeen Media Group, it’s our standard to research and develop the ideal balance between beauty (UI) and functionality (UX) for an appealing, interactive site that displays your brand in an impactful, branded light. Our Design Team and Expert Programmers work together closely to create a unique branded experience for your visitors that is not only easy to use, but aesthetically inspiring – showcasing your digital prowess and communicating your business in such a way that increases engagement and returns a high rate of conversion.

Heuristic Evaluations ♦ Design Implementation ♦ Front End Development ♦ Style Guide Design ♦ Responsive Design ♦
RIA Designing ♦ Usability Testing ♦ Prototype Integration


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