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Technology development innovation is our strength. With years of experience, a globally resourced team of technology specialists, strategic thinkers, and offices around the world – we specialize in generating ideas, and have the force and technical backbone to carry them out. We leverage our marketing and technology knowledge, blending insight and creativity to help solve business initiatives. From developing mobile apps to multi device compatible solutions to handling Enterprise platform integrations - we build solutions to meet the needs of your business today and in the future. If the technology isn’t available on the market – in some cases, we create it.


Ecommerce sites can be built on a variety of platforms including Magento ecommerce, WordPress WooCommerce, Shopify ecommerce and Volusion ecommerce to meet the needs of small – mid tear businesses and enterprise solutions. For a more personalized shopping experience, a custom ecommerce website can be developed unique to the specific needs of target shoppers.

As a leader and known success of ecommerce design, development, and support from small and medium solutions to complex enterprise implementations – our team is staffed with innovative technologists and creative designers from around the globe who are ready and able to help you with an array of solutions for your ecommerce requirements. With a portfolio boasting some of the most renowned brands in the world, our team will expertly navigate your project from ideation to implementation, ensuring your ecommerce platform continued success.

eCommerce Web Design ♦ eCommerce Web Development ♦ eCommerce SEO Services ♦ eCommerce App Development ♦ eCommerce Store Development ♦ Payment Gateway Integration ♦ eCommerce Website ♦ eCommerce Shopping Website



Digital Asset Management (DAM) is the ingestion, storage, catalog, index, render and delivery of digital assets including business documents, work files, profiles, or any number of media stored digitally. At Mumeen Media Group, we can create a system to access and deliver your digital assets in an organized, efficient system that is production ready.

Workflow Management ♦ Project Information Management ♦ Dynamic Content Assembly ♦ Campaign Asset Management ♦ Rights Management ♦ Global Vendor Management ♦ Finance and Budget Management ♦ Contract Management



Content Management System (CMS) is a structured platform for managing content. We have a deep understanding and technical expertise across multiple CMS platforms that are used today to manage your websites and online digital footprints. Ranging from small-tear solutions such as WordPress and Joomla, to mid-team like Drupal, and complete enterprise scale CMS like including Sitecore and SharePoint – Mumeen Media Group is a resource of Technology experts based around the globe with years of experience in building and maintaining every range of Content Management Systems. We can help you customize an interface providing you with the data and tools you need to operate your business on a daily basis, allowing you to measure data and reach your goals.

CMS Customization ♦ Custom Theme Development ♦ SEO Optimization ♦ Magento Development ♦ WordPress Development ♦ Drupal Development ♦ Joomla Development ♦ eCommerce Development



Platform Integration is the mode of combining various applications and services. This especially comes into play when you’re building a business application that needs to integrate with other systems either in or outside your organization. With a deep understanding of existing platforms (so deep that we’ve even built them ourselves) – we understand how they work and have the ability and proficiency to integrate your platform with internal systems or any third party solutions that best fit your business needs.

Architecture Design ♦ Governance and Management ♦ Hybrid Platform and API Integration ♦ Connectivity Support ♦ Enterprise BUS ♦ Visualized Data Mapping ♦ Application and Web Services Integration ♦ Custom Plugins



Platform development is building the system. At Mumeen Media Group, we are experts on multiple platforms including anything ranging from small-tear (Joomla and WordPress) to enterprise platforms such as Sitecore and SharePoint. Because of the depth of our experience, we have the ability to leverage existing platforms or bring in new platforms that best serve your purposes. If you have specific needs for your platform, we can build a solution for you that is strategically tapered around your business and user needs, even if that means constructing an original platform designed from scratch just for you. Offering services in Strategic Conceptualization, Network Integration, and Mobile Optimization, our Programmers work around the clock and around the globe ensuring your platform provides you with a consistent, usable structure for your daily demands.

Strategic Conceptualization ♦ Cross-Platform Development ♦ Custom Platform Development ♦ Mobile App Development ♦ Website Development ♦ Cloud-enabled App Development ♦ Custom CMS Development ♦ Embedded App Development



From conceptualization to building, delivery, and maintenance for all platforms including Apple, Android, Blackberry and windows mobile apps – Mumeen Media Group has the smarter solution. Our Mobile Apps are created for a seamless user experience, and our brilliant team of Technology experts are continually exploring new and innovative applications to keep your platform on the cusp of the latest in technology. After initial design, our applications are put through a rigorous compatibility testing and certification to ensure it will surpass all standards immediately from activation.

Research & Development ♦ Mobile App Interface Design ♦ Mobile App Development ♦ Cross-platform App Development ♦ HTML5 Mobile Development ♦ Android App Development ♦ iOS App Development



From conceptualization, building, delivery and maintenance for web services and applications – at Mumeen Media Group we offer web services during all stages of existence. Not only have we built sites from the ground up, our Programming and Technical teams are digital wizards, and can create dynamic, interactive platforms that are optimized for SEO, UX, and UI – all in an innovative package of High Performance, Mobile friendly and Creative Design. Your website is often your potential client’s first impression of your business, make it count. And we’ll be there along the way, helping you to build, manage, and maintain.

Website Development ♦ eCommerce Development ♦ .Net, Java, PHP Development ♦ Portal and Intranet Development ♦ Responsive Web Development ♦ Custom Web Development ♦ Website Support ♦ Website Security


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